Uamak’s Account (Or, the Tiamat and the Lost Age)

I shall tell you of the Seer-cat girl, and the Virus word (and her compadre, Vii, the large and potent demon, and the Tiamat of vintage. You have heard the story have you not, possibly not, in lots of likenesses in which the hero became named Siren the notable, or Hercules, the Tiamat, Gwyllion (daughter to the Tiamat) Seth, Nimrod, Gilgamesh, Azaz’el, or maybe St. Christopher. But it became the Tiamat, herself, no different that had to face the hideous and demoniac aspect known as the Virus computer virus. Which came out of the abyss when the earth spread out in an earthquake, and crawled out from amongst its hostile residing quarters, deep within the crust of the earth, and right here sprang the uncouth, and infamous testimonies of the ‘Curse of the Virus malicious program,’ that passed off in New Orleans, in the seventy seven-day cult, that unfold to the Midwest, to include Minnesota. This virus bug revolves down the a long time, when the earth spread out, below the waters of the purple Sea, inside the time of Moses. Even though the substance of truth is misplaced in those deep and large waters, lost and passes into the forgotten legends of those a ways-off days. But the essence of the bug has but to be determined, you may find out it now, as you examine my account.

I recognise whereof I communicate, for i used to be Uamak, the very one, the partner of the incredible Tiamat and her daughter Gwyllion, and Vii at one time, this time I communicate about become in a long time beyond.

As I wait here on a cliff over searching the Icelandic sea, and deep down before me awaits my demise, the demon of death he rows his boat, which creeps slowly along the rocky seashores of this peninsula, attempts to blind my mind, full of glittering doom, he wants me to join his unwell-racked lifestyles, within the forever lasting rowing of his boat, to and fro, backward and forward, inside the Icelandic waters, cursed to accomplish that, like a one demonic parade, I too had been cursed right here, to stay on this rock searching down on the demon of death rowing and rowing, as he makes agency with me, and tries to make offers with me. He freezes me along with his glimpses, a ways beforehand of my escaping his wind-it’s far his task I suppose, his shadow-like atmosphere that surrounds me, his invisible manifestations of entanglement.

The Tiamat, Vii and his daughter Gwyllion came out of the vaults of hell, I had never been there, even though a product, like Gwyllion, of a mom whom was seized with the aid of an angelic renegade, and thus, that renegade produced through my mother (like Gilgamesh and Christopher themselves), a semi (hybrid) demonic being.

Maximum human beings can’t bridge this gap between angelic, demonic and human, i’m all of the above, sure certainly, regardless of the ones awful gulfs of blackness that surround me, and the unsightly and unstable shapes I take, i have a spirit and soul, even an ego, spun below this sincerely flexible flesh, and at the back of all this is 8000-years of age, and 26,000-years of life.

I can let you know the strangest story of all, for I lived it. I haven’t any purpose to lie, the black wings of death, wait underneath me, i actually came to many souls upon the earth, in years beyond, in many shapes, like Vii and the Tiamat, i used to be now not restricted to one, even though the Seer-cat lady become, her being as antique as I.

I was this so called hybrid, a man, and in a race you currently realize, call it what you please, but the ones like me are restless, and within the starting we had been of a dark age, and our history is lengthy. The arctic blood that ran via my veins returned then no man ought to hold onto me however for a moment, a quick moment at that. I used to be a degenerated made of an last civilization of demons that roamed the earth, 6008 BC, additionally.

Sinned changed into a person for his time, he lived in a town called Yort, he had powers over us demon (likened to Solomon), and he, to the Tiamat changed into her antagonist at the time, an outguessed future, or perhaps extra like un-guessed for the Tiamat and for Sinned himself, she killed his father, each fathers, which covered his step-father, the daddy his spouse married after the first one died.

But it is of none of these things i’d speak, I want to take you similarly lower back with me, into an age before Sinned, earlier than the race of blue-eyes have been created, while pre-man, became demon, and the wisest minds have become wild philosophers, while there have been barriers between angelic forces and pre-guy, and then we have become slayers, while fans became repine and wayfaring, quite like it’s far now on the earth.

Hence got here the Virus worm into the arena, and it was buried some distance and deep for it was infecting our shapes, the service of our pores and skin, changed, altered, shifted our questioning, Azaz’el planted the malicious program with the aid of the gift of satan, the ten-winged beast into our society (before time was time, called pre-records, and whilst he rebelled, he commanded us to observe.

And as a consequence we were spread out to diagnosed landmarks and international continents to do his bidding, for he changed into thrown out of heaven, yet he appeared usually to go returned, if not pleading for restitution, to blasphemy his as soon as king of kings. He became powerful to mention the least.

Oh, we had been not opponents! Not inside the least. Permit me speak of Uamak, I saw that we were all crippled minded with Azaz’el, and his grasp, Christopher escaped this and so did Gilgamesh, however the relaxation people failed to.

Our heads need to have hung on unfastened ropes that when cut would bury us all the time for the sins we devoted back then, however God wanted to look, how many guys would observe dead-idols (specifically us), and he used us, and we knew he turned into the use of us, but to get out of hell, and under those rocks, and off the ones chains, Uri’el had placed upon us, this become our doom, or task if we did not need to be restricted. Our trial of doom you may say, to comply with the naked renegade wolves, for we have been all naked returned then, even before Adam and Eve, whom did not show up till the third era, we were the first, and the second one, turned into nearly doomed from the start, and the 0.33, the Adam technology, and then the forth, the Christ generation. I saw all of them.

However into the second one era, it changed into a battle, one to madden all records, drunkenness and slaughter and fury, demise and greater demise, and the supernatural against the wild cats, which the Seer-cat female, ruled the land, and shortly the cats, creating the age-possibly better to mention, she changed the second technology, by means of infecting her cats with the virus computer virus, from the primary generation, that inflamed us, nearly delivered a standstill to the second one generation, killing all but 2000-people on the face of the earth, and the earth become now not as you comprehend it now, it become surrounded with the aid of one ocean.

Thereafter, the cats became massive, advanced with the Seer’s infiltration of spirit, and the virus computer virus inner of them, that gave them undreamed verbosity, ferociousness, that insisted them to struggle with the human race, in slaughter battles for days on quit, with out resting.

Blood-soaked the earth in those some distance-off lands, of what have become Sumer, and Asia Minor, and Syria, and the whole coast of the Mediterranean to encompass as a ways north as artic circle, broke humankind right down to live in caves and write their misplaced tongue on the walls, a quivering sentiment for the future flesh to examine of this appalling and dreadful savage time.

But it might be incorrect to mention there has been not an occasional touch of person mercy-if one folks performed this type of mission, they had been punished seriously, i myself tired this as soon as and only once in this mainly valiant time, where the enemy changed into 10,000-cats, at 2000-kilos according to cat, infected with the curse of the bug, which changed into the essence of satan’s blood; and 1,000,000 angelic renegades, and ten-million pre- Adamic men, to the human race many changed into ghosts, imps, and different ungodly figures, with mental distortions, and lustful cravings.

This era turned into so awful it glutted even my very own lusting soul, and so I sought for an as soon as of grace, that is why I did what I did: rigidly Vii followed me round, reporting lower back to the Tiamat of my intentions, for the Seer-cat had examine my mind, she turned into from the advanced race of the primary order of hybrids like the Tiamat, I being of the second order, hence she turned into half-angelic, I being one 0.33, Vii being one third, and carefully I blindly went to assist the hunting couple, who had been experimenting with a stone and slingshot to kill the giant beast inflamed cats, trifle was their hunting conflict gear, and guns, and unhappy to mention, useless.

And i explained to Morg, and his spouse Rgom, a couple with numerous kids whom lived in a dungy looking cave, along the excessive cliffs of what is now referred to as Greece, this will no longer do, mendacity on the ground a super bow I had made with long piercing arrows, this I had learned from Amazes one of the Ten leaders of the 2-hundred Angelic Watchers, who had been sent to watch over mankind, yet did quite the opposite, they cohabitated with them, like Azaz’el, an archangel at one time, now an archenemy to Uri’el a top notch Holy angelic being, and God himself.

The couple took the bow and arrow, and it became a amazing bow all of twelve feet in peak (bones dangling round their necks for bravery, and that they knew that their predecessors were turned into shapeless pulp in seeking to kill their type, as those titan cats whom became solid from the ultimate mildew of darkness, may vanish before the primary arrow struck it target, and the closer they got to the titan cats, the extra veil the air, the flying debris round them, all approximately them were massive piles of shattered bones, damaged from one hundred years of defeat, dirge over them, they have been a crumbling society, now in shards).

The bow turned into higher than them in height, wider than their body, and the arrow became balanced perfectly, to enter anywhere it became pointed, for his or her hunt and kill, and they duplicated the arrows, and that they shot a big cat, rattled all the cats through them, Morg seemed on the facet of the cat stood like a statue, at the edge of its jungle, painted his face, and looked ferocity inside the face; the wild cats, they were impressed, however leniency, would not be granted me, for here I take a seat, at the threshold of the cliff overlooking the Icelandic sea; yet this become the advent of a apprehensive give up to an age-that age, the age of the Seer-cat girl you would possibly say (now not the Abyss Virus malicious program), for inside twenty-years, the new era of humans had solid their way to be the hunters not the hunted, nor the prey.

It turned into certainly the conquest of a lost age. And despite the fact that i was despatched here, i have wish, for possibly scattered among these years, there will be a manner to get away, for I helped rear a fallen race, from a monstrosity of dancing loathsomely demonic beings, dancing with demonic harps in insanity, who lost an age because of delight, control and all on the stop punished via what turned into presented: seventy- deaths, that is perhaps certainly one of them, the only i’m currently residing in.

In remaining, i’ve two matters to say, one: allow my account be informed from village to town, to continent, from base camps to remoted tribes, so that every one guys might also know that the beast, and the satan and the Abyss worm, and the demonic forces, prey on them in hidden locations, for where as soon as the bow and sword ruled, isn’t any more, however the ghost of the past stay in the invisible amongst mankind, and that they realize the adverse guns they’ve, and that they want him to use them upon themselves.

Secondly, I shall tell you where my partners went: Vii nevertheless roams the earth, remaining time I heard he become in New Orleans, with the cult I cited earlier than, and the Tiamat, was forged to hell along with her daughter, whom reappeared again in around 6000 BC., on the city of Yort, is Asia Minor, and once more on the cult in New Orleans. And the Seer-cat female went to cobble with her grasp in Pergamun, in Asia Minor, and also you all recognize in which i am.

This account, Written by means of: Uamak, translated with the aid of Dlsiluk, Ed.D.

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