Electric Planer: Complete Buying Guide

An electric planer is used to shave wood from a surface so as make it level. In case you are making plans to do a number of planing for a large undertaking, then you definitely must use a stationary planer that is also designed to address large and denser material.

Alternatively, if you need to take your planing capability with you on a couple of job sites or most effective want the planer for small projects, a hand-held electric powered planer will do the activity. This text is designed to help you pick out the right handheld electric planer.

What ought to you take into account whilst buying an electric powered planar?


you can pick among corded and cordless electric powered planer fashions. Cordless fashions provide you with the flexibility to function without access to electric powered energy even as corded models are normally greater powerful.

How plenty energy you want depends at the material you are planing and the scale of your task. A lightweight cordless version may be satisfactory for small initiatives in much less dense wooden fabric, whilst you may probable choose a corded model with plenty of strength to complete a large task like a deck or a project that makes use of denser cloth.

Cordless models are also extra high-priced, so in case you are looking your finances, a corded version can be a better preference.

No matter inroads by way of cordless models, corded models still dominate the electric planer panorama. So, whilst thinking about energy, you are commonly seeking out the Amps score.

For most applications, an Amp score of seven Amps or more ought to be good enough. If you’re making plans to do heavy-duty planing in dense fabric for common big projects, you could buy an electric planer with a ten-Amp rating or extra.

The larger the motor the heavier the electrical planer, so preserve that in mind when deciding on.


An electric powered planer makes use of a reducing wheel that rotates at high speed to shave timber from the surface you are running with. Higher speeds commonly translate to more even, regular cuts. You need to pick out a version with an RPM score of 15,000 or more.

Maximum reducing depth

The maximum slicing intensity determines how lots cloth you could take away with every bypass. A deeper cut allows you to complete faster, however most effective in case your planer is up to the project. When you have the right quantity of electricity and the right RPM, you could reduce more fabric according to pass if the electrical planer has the proper most depth capability.

Slicing depths from 2/32 inch up to 5/32 inch or greater are available. Planers additionally come in numerous widths reaching faster passes via disposing of extra material place than intensity. Generally, wider planing widths suggest shallower maximum slicing intensity, but might also end up eliminating extra cloth faster basic.

Maximum reducing Width

A commonplace most cutting width for an electric powered planer is 3-1/4 inches. In case you want to do away with more cloth, larger widths are available. Wider electric powered planers are typically greater powerful and greater costly.

Reducing Blades


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most commonplace hand-held electric powered planers have twin blades that dispose of the fabric. Blades take numerous abuse spinning at over 15,000 RPM which means that that each blade is hitting the cloth 15,000 instances in step with minute. Depending at the cloth, blades can move stupid very hastily. Blades for light to medium responsibility are made from high-strength metal (HSS). If you’ll be using your planer for common heavy-duty use, a higher preference are carbide blades if they are available.

A few blades are reversible for double the use earlier than they want to be replaced. Nonetheless other blades also can be sharpened so you can use them more than one instances earlier than having to replace them with new ones.

Depth control

The intensity of the reduce you’re the use of to do away with material is one of the maximum critical elements in effective planing. Maximum models come with a few kind of intensity adjustment.

Commonly, they include a intensity manipulate knob that permits you to adjust the depth of your cut down to the maximum reducing depth.

One essential consideration is whether the depth adjustment is calibrated. If you need tremendously correct fabric removal, make sure the depth gauge or adjustment knob is calibrated.

Some fashions include click stops at preferred increments that provide extra superb manage over the depth if the click stops are nicely calibrated.

Strength cord

since you’re tethered to a electricity outlet, it’s nice to have a protracted strength cord that continues you from having to hold an extension twine. The length of power cords that planer manufacturers provide varies like the wind. Suffice it to say, an extended cord is more convenient.


some not unusual blanketed add-ons that can be very useful are a planer manual/fence and a few kind of dust manipulate functionality.

If you paintings with wood, you need to plane wood. Wood is a less than excellent cloth with handiest difficult dimensions from the mill. If your assignment wishes completed dimensions, you’ll need to plane the wood to reap the outstanding results you are seeking out. I clearly hope that this manual has furnished you with precious facts that allows you select the quality electric planer on your desires.

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