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Uamak’s Account (Or, the Tiamat and the Lost Age)

(Part Two to the Uamak Saga)


I shall tell you of the Seer-cat Woman, and the Virus Word (and her compadre, Vii, the huge and mighty demon, and the Tiamat of old. You have heard the tale have you not, perhaps not, in many likenesses in which the hero was named Siren the Great, or Hercules, the Tiamat, Gwyllion (daughter to the Tiamat) Seth, Nimrod, Gilgamesh, Azaz’el, or even St. Christopher. But it was the Tiamat, herself, no other that had to face the hideous and demoniac thing called the Virus Worm. Which came out of the abyss when the earth opened up in an earthquake, and crawled out from amongst its opposed living quarters, deep in the crust of the earth, and here sprang the uncouth, and infamous tales of the ‘Curse of the Virus Worm,’ that took place in New Orleans, in the 77-day cult, that spread to the Midwest, to include Minnesota. This virus worm revolves down the ages, when the earth opened up, under the waters of the Red Sea, in the time of Moses. Although the substance of truth is lost in those deep and huge waters, lost and passes into the forgotten legends of those far-off days. But the essence of the worm has yet to be discovered, you will discover it now, as you read my account.

I know whereof I speak, for I was Uamak, the very one, the companion of the Great Tiamat and her daughter Gwyllion, and Vii at one time, this time I talk about was in ages past.

As I wait here on a cliff over looking the Icelandic sea, and deep down before me awaits my death, the demon of death he rows his boat, which creeps slowly along the rocky shores of this peninsula, tries to blind my mind, filled with glittering doom, he wants me to join his ill-racked life, in the forever lasting rowing of his boat, to and fro, to and fro, within the Icelandic waters, cursed to do so, like a one demonic parade, I too have been cursed here, to remain on this rock looking down at the demon of death rowing and rowing, as he makes company with me, and tries to make deals with me. He freezes me with his glimpses, far ahead of my escaping his wind-it is his job I suppose, his shadow-like atmosphere that surrounds me, his invisible manifestations of entanglement.

The Tiamat, Vii and his daughter Gwyllion came out of the vaults of hell, I had never been there, although a product, like Gwyllion, of a mother whom was seized by an angelic renegade, and thus, that renegade produced through my mother (like Gilgamesh and Christopher themselves), a semi (hybrid) demonic being.

Most human beings cannot bridge this gap between angelic, demonic and human, I am all of the above, yes indeed, even with those awful gulfs of blackness that surround me, and the ugly and unstable shapes I take, I have a spirit and soul, even an ego, spun underneath this truly flexible flesh, and behind all this is 8000-years of age, and 26,000-years of existence.

I can tell you the strangest tale of all, for I lived it. I have no reason to lie, the black wings of death, wait below me, I myself came to many souls upon the earth, in years past, in many shapes, like Vii and the Tiamat, I was not restricted to one, although the Seer-cat Woman was, her being as old as I.

I was this so called hybrid, a man, and in a race you now know, call it what you please, but those like me are restless, and in the beginning we were of a dark age, and our history is long. The arctic blood that ran through my veins back then no man could hold onto me but for a moment, a quick moment at that. I was a degenerated product of an ultimate civilization of demons that roamed the earth, 6008 BC, also.

Sinned was a man for his time, he lived in a city called Yort, he had powers over us demon (likened to Solomon), and he, to the Tiamat was her antagonist at the time, an outguessed future, or perhaps more like un-guessed for the Tiamat and for Sinned himself, she killed his father, both fathers, which included his step-father, the father his wife married after the first one died.

But it is of none of these things I would speak, I want to take you further back with me, into an age before Sinned, before the race of blue-eyes were created, when pre-man, became demon, and the wisest minds became wild philosophers, when there were boundaries between angelic forces and pre-man, and then abruptly we became slayers, when lovers became repine and wayfaring, somewhat like it is now on earth.

Thus came the Virus Worm into the world, and it was buried far and deep for it was infecting our shapes, the service of our skin, changed, altered, shifted our thinking, Azaz’el planted the worm by the gift of Satan, the ten-winged beast into our society (before time was time, called pre-history, and when he rebelled, he commanded us to follow.

And thus we were spread out to recognized landmarks and worldwide continents to do his bidding, for he was thrown out of heaven, yet he seemed always to go back, if not pleading for restitution, to blasphemy his once king of kings. He was powerful to say the least.

Oh, we were not fighters! Not in the least. Let me speak of Uamak, I saw that we were all crippled minded with Azaz’el, and his Master, Christopher escaped this and so did Gilgamesh, but the rest of us didn’t.

Our heads should have hung on loose ropes that once cut would bury us forever for the sins we committed back then, but God wanted to see, how many men would follow dead-idols (namely us), and he used us, and we knew he was using us, but to get out of hell, and under those rocks, and off those chains, Uri’el had placed upon us, this was our doom, or task if we did not want to be confined. Our trial of doom you might say, to follow the naked renegade wolves, for we were all naked back then, even before Adam and Eve, whom didn’t show up until the third era, we were the first, and the second, was almost doomed from the start, and the third, the Adam era, and then the forth, the Christ era. I saw them all.

But into the second era, it was a battle, one to madden all history, drunkenness and slaughter and fury, death and more death, and the supernatural against the wild cats, which the Seer-cat woman, ruled the land, and soon the cats, creating the age-perhaps better to say, she modified the second era, by infecting her cats with the virus worm, from the first era, that infected us, almost brought a standstill to the second era, killing all but 2000-humans on the face of the earth, and the earth was not as you know it now, it was surrounded by one ocean.

Thereafter, the cats became huge, superior with the Seer’s infiltration of spirit, and the virus worm inside of them, that gave them undreamed verbosity, ferociousness, that insisted them to war with the human race, in slaughter battles for days on end, without resting.

Blood-soaked the earth in those far-off lands, of what became Sumer, and Asia Minor, and Syria, and the whole coast of the Mediterranean to include as far north as artic circle, broke humankind down to live in caves and write their lost tongue on the walls, a quivering sentiment for the future flesh to read of this appalling and dreadful savage time.

Yet it would be wrong to say there was not an occasional touch of individual mercy-if one of us performed such a task, they were punished severely, I myself tired this once and only once in this especially valiant time, where the enemy was 10,000-cats, at 2000-pounds per cat, infected with the curse of the worm, which was the essence of Satan’s blood; and a million angelic renegades, and ten-million pre- Adamic men, to the human race many turned into ghosts, imps, and other ungodly figures, with mental distortions, and lustful cravings.

This era was so bad it glutted even my own lusting soul, and so I sought for an once of grace, that is why I did what I did: rigidly Vii followed me around, reporting back to the Tiamat of my intentions, for the Seer-cat had read my mind, she was from the superior race of the first order of hybrids like the Tiamat, I being of the second order, thus she was half-angelic, I being one third, Vii being one third, and cautiously I blindly went to help the hunting couple, who were experimenting with a stone and slingshot to kill the giant beast infected cats, trifle was their hunting battle gear, and weapons, and sad to say, ineffective.

And I explained to Morg, and his wife Rgom, a couple with several children whom lived in a dungy looking cave, along the high cliffs of what is now called Greece, this would not do, lying on the ground a great bow I had made with long piercing arrows, this I had learned from Amazes one of the Ten leaders of the two-hundred Angelic Watchers, who were sent to watch over mankind, yet did quite the opposite, they cohabitated with them, like Azaz’el, an archangel at one time, now an archenemy to Uri’el a Great Holy angelic being, and God himself.

The couple took the bow and arrow, and it was a mighty bow all of twelve feet in height (bones dangling around their necks for bravery, and they knew that their predecessors had been turned into shapeless pulp in trying to kill their kind, as these titan cats whom was cast from the ultimate mold of darkness, might vanish before the first arrow struck it target, and the closer they got to the titan cats, the more veil the air, the flying debris around them, all about them were colossal piles of shattered bones, broken from a hundred years of defeat, dirge over them, they were a crumbling society, now in shards).

The bow was higher than them in height, wider than their physique, and the arrow was balanced perfectly, to enter wherever it was pointed, for their hunt and kill, and they duplicated the arrows, and they shot a huge cat, rattled all the cats by them, Morg appeared at the side of the cat stood like a statue, at the edge of its jungle, painted his face, and looked ferocity in the face; the wild cats, they were impressed, but leniency, would not be granted me, for here I sit, at the edge of the cliff overlooking the Icelandic sea; yet this was the advent of a fearful end to an age-that age, the age of the Seer-cat Woman you might say (not the Abyss Virus Worm), for within twenty-years, the new generation of humans had forged their way to be the hunters no longer the hunted, nor the prey.

It was indeed the conquest of a lost age. And although I was sent here, I have hope, for perhaps scattered among these years, there will be a way to escape, for I helped rear a fallen race, from a monstrosity of dancing loathsomely demonic beings, dancing with demonic harps in madness, who lost an age due to pride, control and all at the end punished by what was presented: seventy-two deaths, this is perhaps one of them, the one I am presently living in.

In closing, I have two things to say, one: let my account be told from village to city, to continent, from base camps to isolated tribes, so that all men may know that the beast, and the devil and the Abyss Worm, and the demonic forces, prey on them in hidden places, for where once the bow and sword ruled, is no more, but the ghost of the past live in the invisible among mankind, and they know the destructive weapons they have, and they want him to use them upon themselves.

Secondly, I shall tell you where my companions went: Vii still roams the earth, last time I heard he was in New Orleans, with the cult I mentioned before, and the Tiamat, was cast to hell with her daughter, whom reappeared again in around 6000 BC., at the city of Yort, is Asia Minor, and again at the cult in New Orleans. And the Seer-cat Woman went to cobble with her master in Pergamun, in Asia Minor, and you all know where I am.

This account, Written by: Uamak, translated by Dlsiluk, Ed.D.


Survivors’ Stories

Haleema’s tale

Haleema Bibi changed into a housewife with five youngsters dwelling in the faraway village of Jatooi in southern Punjab of Pakistan. On 2nd September 1997 at 4 am, while Haleema was snoozing at her home with her 8 year vintage daughter Kauser, criminals attacked and burnt Haleema with acid. Her face and palms had been badly burnt and the ear of her daughter became completely burnt.

An FIR changed into registered however Haleema went for out of courtroom agreement and both mom and daughter were below treatment which stopped while they might not have the funds for it. Haleema’s contractures could now not permit her to move her arm and he or she skilled a first rate deal of issue and pain managing her family chores.

This persisted for almost a decade until Haleema become approached by using ASF in January 2007. At ASF NCRU, Haleema acquired medical and psychological rehabilitation with a range of a success surgical tactics. Now she has grew to become to existence again, being an energetic housewife, and has luckily become an agent of alternate combating against acid violence: Haleema has followed and referred two survivors to ASF for clinical and criminal assist.

Manzoor’s story

Manzoor Attiqa, a younger female of twenty-two years, become married to Maqsood Ahmad inside the village of Gujranwala. She is also the mom of a 2 year old daughter. She had been experiencing domestic violence from her in-laws due to the fact that she were given married, but the cruelty reached its peak on 26th April 2006, while her mom in law, sister in law and brother in regulation threw acid on her. After this brutality they locked her in a room. At 6 o clock in the night they took her to the health center at which point the acid had melted her skin and bones badly.

Attiqa changed into admitted to a central authority health facility and her dad and mom left no stone unturned for her remedy. They have additionally offered all in their valuables to pursue the prison case towards the criminals. But, they’ve now not been a success and alternatively have obtained false felony cases in opposition to themselves from fighters.

After two years Monzoor turned into no longer capable of consume and drink well due to her melted lips and contracture of neck. Fortuitously a physician named Ijaz referred her to ASF-P on 1st March, 2008. At ASF she has obtained a couple of surgical approaches to launch contractures and reconstruct her lips and face. Now she appears higher and may consume and drink well. ASF-P is also following up with legal aid by using getting in contact with the legal professional. The return of Manzoor’s daughter to her has been discussed in addition to the punishment of the criminals. She has attended her 2nd surgery and is getting geared up for the third one.

Shamim’s story

Shamim, a younger widow residing inside the small village of district Muzzafar Garh along with her three youngsters, turned into attacked by way of a man who desired to marry her and who she refused. On the 18th Sep 1993 Shamim was snoozing, along side her 8 month vintage daughter, Safia, whilst Abdul Rahman and Rab Nawaz attacked her with acid. As a result, she and her daughter were badly burnt. Shamim and her daughter have been taken to the closest health facility wherein best first aid treatment turned into given.

Khair Mohammad (Shamim’s father) fought a court docket case against the criminals. However, whilst he died, there was nobody to follow the case. In the long run the criminals had been freed from the jail on bail. Because of social stress Shamim had to get married to the same individual who attacked her. The accused married her on the condition that she withdraw the case in opposition to him. She withdrew the case but the accused did no longer take any responsibility for her, notwithstanding wed lock, so she still needed to work within the fields to feed herself and her 4 kids.

On January 2007 a field coordinator from ASF Pakistan approached Shamim to don’t forget clinical remedy as she had no longer previously had surgical procedure. She turned into delivered to the nursing care center of ASF Pakistan on fifth February, 2007 in which unfastened surgical procedures on her neck and eyelids have been finished. Clinical observe u.S.And mental treatment had been also furnished. As a end result, Shamim is now capable of handle her household affairs very properly, imposed her husband to take care of her financially and also supports her kids by means of rearing livestock and running inside the fields. ASF Pakistan has additionally helped to renovate her damaged residence and deploy a hand pump.

Safia, Shamim’s daughter who turned into also attacked, has just gone through her fifth surgical treatment and is now running as a nanny and is gaining knowledge of how to examine and write, on the brink of leave a proactive existence that she will selected. She has joined ASF organization of dealers of alternate.

Zafar’s tale

by using career Muhammad Zafar Iqbal was a dancer and used to dance inside the weddings. In 2003, while Zafar became only 15 years old, a few people of his region desired to have illicit members of the family with him. He refused and they threw acid on him. He become badly disfigured and not capable of devour at the same time as sitting because of acid burns on his lips and neck. He has also misplaced his eyesight.

Through its Notification device ASF found him and taken him to Islamabad for remedy He had now not obtained any remedy up thus far. Thru ASF, Zafar has obtained grafting to his lips and neck which now lets in him to drink and devour without problems. Zafar will not be able to see once more, he has therefore been trained to make parandas and bangles that he can sell to enhance his livelihhod. He is also an agent of change offering paracouseling to different survivors, specially the ones who’ve end up blind.

Afshan Bibi – A Case have a look at

July 8, 2010

Afshan Bibi is a nine yr vintage female belonging to District Muzaffargarh. She has three brothers and 5 sisters, out of whom Afshan is the youngest.

Afshan, at the age of 8, changed into part of a bad acid attack on April third, 2010. Upon refusing an offer from a person named Arshad for Afshan’s elder sister, Afshan’s own family received a number of threats that if Afshan’s sister became not wed to Arshad, she might not be left in a function to marry someone in any respect. Sadly, at that time, Afshan’s family became now not capable of foresee the volume to which Arshad changed into inclined to move, to damage her circle of relatives, and her sister mainly. On April third, in the evening, when Afshan and her circle of relatives were out of doors at the veranda having dinner, Arshad and of his friends, Zahid and Abid came to Afshan’s residence and threw acid on the family from over the wall. Afshan and her mother, befell to be sitting closest to the wall and as a end result were burnt the most. For the next hour, Afshan’s family fervently attempted to ease the ache by using splashing cold water on the burnt areas. Whilst this did now not help, they travelled to Roheels Wali- a neighboring city- from where they have been referred to Nishtar sanatorium, Multan. In spite of efforts of medical doctors at Nishtar, Afshan’s mother’s burns grew to become out to be fatal and she exceeded away closing month due to the diploma of immoderate burns.

This attack left Afshan badly burnt, and without a mom. A former patient of Acid Survivors basis- additionally an acid assault victim- knowledgeable Afshan’s own family approximately the corporation, and so Afshan sought shelter in ASF, Islamabad. She became added right here via her elder sister Zakia, who is presently serving as her attendant.

The FIR changed into filed with the police days after the assault (05/04/10). Arshad turned into arrested soon after the assault, whilst Zahid become arrested handiest lately. According to Zakia, the arrest of Zahid has prompted a whole lot controversy in her village as he’s the brother of a police officer and she believes that he can be released if the court docket isn’t worried soon. The third perpetrator, Abid, has no longer been arrested yet.

Afshan is a brave female who, in spite of of what has happened to her, has not forgotten a way to snicker. She is an eager and rapid learner and has shown wonderful flair for language and numbers. Despite the fact that she is not a girl of many words, she indicates, thru her moves that she is eager to study and engages in the paintings assigned to her complete-heartedly.

However, there are instances while she is substantially perturbed by means of the absence of her mother. In keeping with the head Nurse at ASF, while Afshan arrived at ASF, she had very frequent episodes of crying and sobbing and taking flight from all and sundry around her completely. She might time and again ask for her mom, but she has now come to phrases with the reality that her mom has handed away, she is told through her sister that “their mom is in a better location now and that Afshan must pray for her”. Afshan now unearths solace in searching at the single picture that she has of her mother in which she is visible to be cradling little Afshan in her arms.

ASF has provided Afshan a domestic while all she encountered someplace else were closed doorways. Afshan’s sister Zakia exclaims,

“we’re very fortunate to have discovered a place like ASF. We thank God normal. The people right here have been excellent to us.”

even though Afshan has no longer undergone any surgical treatment but, in the beyond month she has had three clinical exams at PIMS, and one scientific evaluation at Al-Shifa eye trust. The doctors claim that she might be prepared for surgical procedure in three months and that is what she is being prepared for. Meanwhile, she is being recommended to perform certain physical sporting activities and the top Nurse adjustments her bandages and replaces them with new ones twice a day, daily.

Afshan has been supplied with a at ease environment at the Nursing Care and Rehabilitation Unit (NCRU) of ASF. The alternative victims currently staying on the NCRU, despite the fact that tons older to Afshan in age, make a special attempt to keep her busy and engage her in games and different activities that could quite simply be done within the premises.

ASF additionally encourages the youth of Pakistan to volunteer and lend their services to the company, and those volunteers- conscientious residents of Pakistan, enthusiastically attempt to help within the rehabilitation technique as nice they can. They are trying to educate what the sufferers are inclined to analyze, and pass on something capabilities they are able to provide that is probably beneficial to the sufferers.

ASF additionally actively includes its sufferers in the fundraising occasions. Afshan and her fellow patients are currently enthusiastically operating on making handicrafts with a view to be displayed at an exhibition in an art Gallery later this month.


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