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Sidra had tears of joy in her eyes

Sidra Batool became very hectic. She could not sleep all of the night. She got up surprisingly early that morning and prepared for her college. It became a totally critical day of her existence. She boarded her wagon and sat quietly. There had been many other women inside the wagon going to the same school studying in diverse lessons. They were chattering, giggling, gossiping. However, not anything attracted Sidra. She could not think about anything else, because it was the day her result was to be announced.

She became deliberating the time whilst she were given via her annual exam for 8th grade. She wanted to examine in addition, however the secondary college changed into 12 kilometers far from her village, and transport became very high-priced. ‘We won’t be able to manage’, her father shook head in melancholy and ended the communication. However, she did not lose heart. The complete own family, along with her uncles, got collectively again, and ultimately decided to ship her to school. She started going to highschool after per week or so. But, nobody inside the family changed into certain that she could have the ability to finish her training up to secondary stage. It appeared some thing next to impossible.

However, soon she heard good information. It turned into introduced within the village that an NGO – Bedari – became imparting scholarships to ladies reading in post-primary stage training. She talked to her mother, and they each went to fulfill Bedari Volunteer – Mr. Hameed Anjum. From that day onwards, she had bumped off her fears of dropping out of her college due to economic motives.

As she changed into taking into consideration the day while she acquired her books and uniform from Bedari Volunteer, the wagon stopped and he or she became jolted out of her reverie. She was at the gate of her college. She entered and went immediately to her study room, which become truely no extra her magnificence room because the newly promoted ladies to tenth grade had been there. However, Sidra’s classmates have been gathered at a be aware board. She moved swiftly to the board, and making her way via the bunch of girls, started out seeking out her roll number. Her eyes stopped at her roll quantity, and observed that row. Subsequent to her roll quantity turned into her call, after which there was one word ‘exceeded’. She could not consider it. She had were given via her exam. She had completed her secondary training. Her eyes became misty. She couldn’t see any further.

‘Sidra…! What befell?’ shouted any individual … perhaps certainly one of her classmates. ‘silly… you’ve got passed’, the identical voice shouted once more. Sidra tried to smile thru her tears and said, ‘yes I understand’.


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