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Combating Child Marriages

Combating Child Marriage

Punjab is domestic to over 50 million children, men and women below the age of 18 and 25 million of them are ladies. Even though no comprehensive records to be had, but diverse small studies efforts made by way of civil society estimate that four of 10 women in Punjab are married before attaining the age of 18 years.

Bedari has been operating on the issue for a long term. To begin with, it labored with the Federal government to bring about amendments to the prevailing regulation – infant Marriages Restraint Act 1929. In the meanwhile, 18th Constitutional modification became operational which led to devolution of power to legislate on children’s problems to provincial legislatures. Bedari grew to become its recognition from the Federal legislature in the direction of Punjab meeting. Moreover, it emerged from the numerous consultations with stakeholders, parents from rural and concrete communities, young humans, social workers, media and authorities officers that there has been a need to introduce a comprehensive new law.

The way it stepped forward
As Bedari become chalking out a plan to transport ahead, it joined fingers with UNFPA in 2012 and started a complete marketing campaign to address the problem. Following are the highlights of this campaign.

The Consultations with Stakeholders

the 2 companions held many consultations with various stakeholders to locate an effective way to cope with the issue. It discussed the problem with men, women, young people, rural and concrete groups, spiritual and political leaders, and local opinion makers. Separate consultations were held with different stake holders inclusive of felony fraternity, clinical practitioners, and officials of regulation enforcement agencies, political events at nearby and provincial stage.

The Draft invoice

The final results of all the consultations become shared with a lawyer, who prepared a draft invoice Prohibition of baby Marriages in Punjab. Later, the bill was shared extensively for comments and feedback from legal community in addition to human rights experts and civil society organizations.

Advocacy and Lobbying

person and institution meetings have been carried out with over 60 MPAs of Punjab. The difficulty of toddler marriage changed into discussed in detail. Maximum of these conferences had been very a hit. An overwhelming majority of meeting participants specifically ladies are within the choose of law to eradicate infant marriages.

Press conferences highlighting the difficulty of toddler marriages were held in 5 most important towns, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan and Bahawalpur, of Punjab, and a provincial level conference become held in Lahore. The conference changed into a actual achievement. The Minister for population Welfare Punjab chaired the conference. Mr. IA Rehman, director HRCP changed into the guest of honor and authorities become represented through the Director widespread Social Welfare branch. All promised to assist the cause by using taking the system ahead.

AACM LogoAn alliance is formed

alternatively, Bedari endured with its efforts to form an alliance with different civil society companies interested by resolving this trouble. The efforts bore fruit and Alliance in opposition to toddler Marriages (AACM) changed into shaped in 2013. Presently, it has 18 individuals. AACM has followed the invoice organized by means of Bedari below the undertaking supported by using UNFPA. AACM is shifting together to take the invoice ahead with full force. It’s going to enhance the likelihood of its passage from provincial meeting.


however, Bedari continues with its efforts to elevate recognition in the groups approximately the need for new law. It has broadcast radio applications via numerous popular FM Channels and organized road theaters. Its play “Yeh Shadi Nahi Ho Sakti” (No to child Marriage) has been achieved in over a hundred and fifty communities in Multan, Vehari and Chakwal d

Combating Child Marriage